Prof. Rash Bihari Pd. Singh (Vice Chancellor, Patna University)


Patna University Library is one of the oldest University level libraries in India. It will be completing its 100th year of foundation in 2019. This library has been the destiny maker as a torch bearer of academic excellence for thousands of students who could occupy several prestigious places across the globe in various walks. of life. Their outstanding success could become possible not simply attending the reading halls of the library but also by strictly following the rules and regulations of the library. Patna University Library has more than 2 lac titles, hundreds of rare manuscripts and collection of old journals, magazines, newspaper and research theses. I have personal experience of the richness of this library, first as a student and later as a researcher and teacher. Dear learners, I,as the Vice Chancellor of the university must assure you all that the library is in the process of transformation and automation. Benefits of these changes will reach to you very shortly. You need to be not only a good reader but also custodian of the learning materials of this university. These all would be possible, once you are aware of the university rules and are also ready to follow them. I express my good wishes to all visitors to Patna University Library in the academic session 2018-19. Patna University Library is for you and you are also for the library. Once you enter in the library with this mindset, no one can stop you from attaining the success with satisfaction.